Wendy W.

I have been a client of Joe's for several years now and cannot recommend his services highly enough. Recently, he has been instrumental in helping me to launch my new business and so far all is going very well. He is professional, knowledgeable and is easy to work with. He listens to your specifications and creates exactly what you dreamed of and more, coming up with innovative ideas both for your website and marketing your business. Thank you Joe!

Tiago S.

Working with Joe now for more than 2 years, I have found him to be much more than a Web Designer. Joe is a creative and experienced business-knowledgeable person, able to put himself in a client's perspective and always ready to provide the best solutions to the challenges we face in this competitive online era we're living in today.

Kim G.

I have been working with Joe for a few years now. He is extremely professional, but more than that is naturally intuitive. I can describe what I am looking for and it comes to fruition in a timely manner. His experience in business and his in-depth knowledge of the internet are evident. He understands that a web site is your introduction to the world, and the power of that is key to any successful business. I would highly recommend Joe’s expertise and old-fashioned customer service. Thanks for all you have done for me Joe.

Heather J.

Joe was terrific to work with! He implemented the vision I had for my website with the end result surpassing my every expectation. Joe's collaborative approach and attention to detail made the process an easy and enjoyable experience.

Steve J.

Many thanks for all the laptop fixes over the last year. Not only do you fix the problem, you also explain how I can fix it myself next time! One day I’ll be as good as you, NOT! Thanks again and have a great 2018.

Peter F.

Joe, you always sort out my iPad - why I keep messing it up is beyond me! Why is it that you can do in two minutes what frustrates me for a whole afternoon? Really appreciate your help!


WaveToJoe Web & Business Evolution focuses on building custom website solutions for small businesses that don’t necessarily have the budget to pay “design house” rates. I also provide Marketing/Print design work as well as IT Support for both individuals and businesses alike.

Every client has a different set of needs, wants and ideas.  I work with each client personally to develop ideas and designs that will get them and their businesses to where they want to be.

With over 20 years experience working in my own family’s business where 3 of us handled all of the sales, marketing, advertising & planning – I bring a unique perspective and knowledge set to the design table.

Building a pretty or flashy website is one thing… but we must not forget the ultimate business mantra:

“Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something”  

So when building a site for a client, or doing any other work for them, this is the saying I always keep in the back of my mind!

Otherwise, why are we doing all of this work? You ARE running a business after all aren’t you?

So let’s be serious!

You want to be more successful?
You want to get more work done in less time?
You need to look more professional!

This is what I help you do!

If you’ve read this far…. Thank you! You showing that you care about your business let’s me care about your business – we’re in this together!

So get in touch when you’re ready to Grow Your Awesomeness! Enjoy the rest of my site – and thank you again for visiting.